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KKM Soft also has developed several productivity tools and software products that aid design automation and Quality checking. More information on KKM Soft’s Products can be found here:

iGold - Product Optimization and Goal Seeking tool for Inventor.
KKM-iGold is for Product design engineers who conduct multiple trials to find a target value of one or more parameters that will result in a matching property of the product such as Mass, Volume, Area or CG..

Typical applications include:

Volume Optimization by manipulating right Dimensions
Part optimization by finding the right wall thickness to achieve the target mass
Balancing weight or mass of an assembly to make the CG of the assembly to fall within target values.
Time spent in trial and error testing of parameters / dimensions in a part or assembly to achieve Physical properties can be drastically reduced.
Design optimization through dimensional evaluation to meet physical conditions can be achieved faster and more accurately.
Target Properties that can be optimized for a part or assembly:

  • Mass of Part or Assembly
  • Volume of Part or Assembly
  • Surface Area of Part or Assembly
  • CG in X, Y and Z of Part or Assembly

DrawQC - Template based Bulk drawing quality Checking tool
KKM SOFT – DrawQC is a DWG quality checking tool is an Enterprise Drawing standards checking tool in network environment. This tool works on server based drawing templates that are checked against selected set of drawings.

DrawQC has the following levels of Quality Checking:
  • Drawing Entity Errors
  • Drawing Completeness
  • Drawing Standards
DrawQC not only generates a report of all errors, but is also capable of isolation of errors and auto correction.
KKM SOFT also customizes the following Autodesk products to suit your design and business requirements:
  • Autodesk Inventor based 3D and 2D drawing automation
  • Productivity tools on AutoCAD and verticals on Mechanical, Electrical and Civil3D
  • Revit customisation and automation
  • Navisworks productivity and data linking tools
  • Mapguide based GIS/mapping solutions
  • Autodesk Vault customisation and data management implementation.
  • ERP, Google Earth, Database - Cross platform and multiproduct linking
  • Intelligent library creation and automation for Inventor, AutoCAD electrical and Revit series.

KKM SOFT ‘s solution for product configuration and ETO design and drafting automation solution is iConfigure.
iConfigure works alongside Autodesk’s custom product configuration initiatives like iLogic which is part of Autodesk Inventor Professional since Version 2010 and Autodesk Inventor Automation to automate the entire design process from Marketing to Manufacturing.

Some benefits of KKM iConfigure are:
  • Custom configured Parts and Assemblies along with automated Drawing and detailing reduces Proposal and Production drawing generation time by 90%
  • Capturing the design knowledge into logical product configurations, further simplified by product focused user interface eventually reduces skill dependence for drawing generation.
  • Increases drawing productivity by up to 10 times, leading to scalability of output without increasing valuable resources.
  • Externalizes the rules and logic for product configuration to suit your future product lines, without the need for a highly skilled team.
With iConfigure you can capture your product development knowledge to a more simplified user interface that is relevant to your product or process.

Other variants of iConfigure are:
wConfigure is an iConfigure based configurator used for web based product configuration that can handle configuration requests over the web configuration interface.
2DConfigure is the AutoCAD variant of 2D parametric rule engine for 2D drawing configuration.